Our Story

For over 30 years, Karen has used food to connect people. An artisan at heart, Karen has mastered the alchemy of flavor, texture, and visual appeal to create real, clean, slow food that truly honors all who partake of it. From humble beginnings as a solo-preneur growing exclusively via word-of-mouth, Karen Bevels Catering has established itself as one of the Bay Area’s premier cooperatively-owned catering and event planning companies.

Tastefully crafting cuisine, decor, flowers and light with venue and amenities, we effortlessly create ambiance and character that represent our clients’ best. Each event is truly unique, as our team helps develop the personality of the occasion. Remarkably, there are no product lists, no pre-set menus or event packages. This elaborate work is truly a labor of love that takes time, impeccable attention, and thorough execution.